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Happy Sunday

Ana, Porto, Portugal

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. 

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Happy Sunday

Ana, Porto, Portugal

when you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, 
care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.

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Sixty-Two Standout, Ali Deck

Meet Ali. She's wonderfully talented and her photography truly inspires. We're glad to have her as a part of our Sixty-Two Flickr Group. She is definitely a stand-out! It's evident in her words that photography means a lot to her and that she is a lovely person!  Read in her words here what photography means to her. Find more of her work in her Flickr stream. Learn more about her at Ali Deck Photography and on her Facebook page.

my favorite motherhood moment

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but my love/obsession with photography began when my first of three sons was born. They have always been my inspiration and have truly taken me to places I never thought I could go as a photographer. My passion and love for them is evident in my work. When I look back at photos when Kaiden was little, I have to admit, I cringe a little. I’ve realized in the past year that photography is all about growth and finding your own style. I used to look at other photographers’ work and wish my photos looked like theirs. I made the decision to stop wishing and just trust my eye.   

This year I finally took the time to teach myself the technical side of photography and it has totally opened the door to my style and creativity. I am a natural light photographer so my work always has a natural feel about it. I have been told that my style is dreamy and has an easy feel. Even though our days are not always easy and dreamy, I hope my boys remember it that way. One day they will travel their own paths and I hope my photos will trigger memories of how our life really was through my eyes.

My children are the center of my work, but photographing others is my second love. I prefer to photograph children and the people who love them. Children are messy, unpredictable, scunchy faced little people and that’s what I hope to capture. I hope to photograph their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty. This is a tough job to do in only an hour, but I try to capture how they are at that moment with each other. Real life is so beautiful.

These days I am rarely without my camera. When I don’t have it with me, I feel like I am missing an arm. I can be a pretty impulsive person, and one day I decided to sell all of my Canon gear and go Nikon. I switched from a Canon Rebel to my Nikon D7000. I am a prime lens girl. My lenses consist of my Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens which rarely leaves my camera, my 35mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8, and I have a fish eye for fun. I own a speed lite but have only used it once. I use two camera bags. My everyday bag is a grey Stella Epiphane and for sessions I use a Porteen Gear bag.
I feel that the biggest challenge as a photographer is to balance being a full time art teacher, photographer, mama and wife. If I could have more of one thing, it would be time. It is tricky to balance it all and do the most important jobs for me, being a great wife and mama to my boys.

So far I haven’t hit a road block with inspiration. My boys are always nipping at my heels and doing something crazy to photograph. We are a nature lovin’ family, so we are always hiking, camping and doing some kind of traveling. There are so many wonderful things in this world to be inspired by, I hope I never lose the desire to chase it and capture it.

If I could have given myself advice ten years ago it would be practice, practice, practice, shoot in manual and learn your camera well. There is so much to learn. You need to educate yourself and then start building a strong portfolio, one that you’re proud to show anyone.

I have found the photography world can be a lonely one and you have to really want it, breathe it and feel it wholeheartedly. 

Thank you Ali for letting us peek into your life and your love of photography! You are truly inspirational and a great talent!

Christian and Ana

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Happy Sunday

Ana, Porto, Portugal

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. 
Do not let pain make you hate. 
Do not let bitterness steal your sweetness. 
Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, 
you still believe it to be a beautiful place.” 

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Christian, California, USA

Ana, Porto, Portugal

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Sunday

you are here to enable the divine purpose of the Universe to unfold.
that is how important you are. 

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244/365  This is my great niece...her mama, MY niece,  has a tendency to say that she's actually my daughter... I never get tired of the swings. "What is most important is to go deep into ourselves  fresh colors
musing on being present cuddles Stars in my cup my favorite motherhood moment
Walking on the moon Pansies in water back to normality Ladybug
thanks a bunch!
xxo Ana & Christian

p.s. next Saturday this feature will be a little bit different. stay tuned ;)

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Summer on our flickr group..

Eight miles later. . . . three lil' guys
wish upon a starfish! at the old home August:Seven
Untitled relax
the way I walk through the world now Sophie rear instagramish
thank you for all the beauty and creativity
xxo, Ana & Christian