Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sixty-Two Standout - Zena at Healing Moments

October's Sixty-Two Standout is the ever so lovely Zena. Her photos are so unique and inspirational. We're so happy to share her thoughts on her photography in the following interview. We know you'll love her photos and her words. You can visit her blog here at Healing Moments - Things That Matter

Thank you Zena for sharing with us at Sixty-Two!!

Tell us how you fell in love with photography?

After a long time having cameras without using them very much, one day I commented on a blog which I usually read and I won an on-line photography course about self-portraiture. I didn´t even know it till I visited the blog again and I found out this unexpected news. I took those classes and my mind changed completely. I realized not only that I could be good at taking photos, but also that photography was an amazing way to go into self-knowledge in depth and to appreciate reality, something that I was interested in before I started the course. I felt totally captivated by it. All this happened along the second trimester of 2011.


Do you feel you have found your style?

I am not sure, I am always trying to improve myself and I think I am now a better photographer than before. Even so, many persons who see my photos say that they have something that make them recognizable and I think it could be true.

How would you describe it?

It's something related to colors and composition. I´ve been making collages most of my life so this has influenced on what catches my eye and the way I capture things, but lately I have been paying more and more attention to light. Anyway, I think that my photos have several characteristics in common: everydayness, closeness, contrast, realism and message. I love to take photos that can convey how my inner world is. So, somewhat, they are also symbolic.


What is your favorite gear and why?

I only have two cameras, Panasonic DMC-FX12, and Canon EOS 1100D with two lens: EF-s 18-55 mm EF 75-300 mm. I am too new to photography to have explored any other option.

celebrating real me

What is your favorite subject and why?

Daily life moments, I take tons of photos at home. Nature themes (mainly flowers and plants), self-portraits and lately I´ve been taking simple still lifes, not overly composed and architectural details. I don´t know exactly why I find those themes so appealing, maybe because I am a detail oriented person.

this moment

The biggest challenge?

I would love to learn more about photography from a technical point of view, about edition, layers, and also about historic issues: I would like to know better the work of great photographers. On the other hand, I would love to teach about the healing power of photography. It has helped me in my search for beauty in my own path and as a teacher (that is my profession and my vocation) I am sure I can do it, I just need the time...

celebrate through peacekeeping {explored}

What do you do when you feel less inspired?

If we talk about photography, I go for a walk to the park next to my house, this usually brings it back, or I try to capture little compositions at home. Most of time after a few photos I start to be fascinated by what I am seen through the viewfinder. Generally speaking, I meditate.

at the old home

If you could, what advice would you give to yourself ten years ago?

Love what it is... and also, trust yourself more.

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Zena said...

Oh... thanks so much, I feel so honored. You both are very kind, I am glad to have met you and your wonderful project. Have a nice weekend and thanks again xx PS I do love your selection