Sunday, November 4, 2012

Photographic Tour: Guimarães ~ Portugal

It was in the 10th century that the Countess Mumadona ordered the castle built. Closely linked to the birth
and foundation of the Kingdom of Portugal, it was the palace of King Afonso Henriques (1111-1185). 
The castle, formed by the keep and the high surrounding walls, incorporated the defensive innovations of the 12th
and 13th centuries, with the building of towers protecting the curtain walls and flanking the entrances.
Inside the main tower..
The palace was ordered built in the 1st quarter of the 15th century by Afonso, first Duke of Bragança. The size of
the palace and some architectural details show European (particularly French) influence.
Undergoing significant alterations over the centuries, it was reconstructed and adapted into a museum
and the official residence of the President of Portugal, in the mid 20th century.
by Ana, Guimarães, Portugal

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Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Lovely!! You're very lucky to be visiting such a lovely place. So much history!